With over 25 years experience in pulpit ministries, Pastor Kevin and Michelle believe in Spirit Anointed preaching and teaching, and the power of God moving in His people for salvation, healing and deliverance at the altars. We are available for filling in during absences, for special services, for Revival services as led by the Spirit, or for any other need - just drop us an email or give us a call!

We are available for Sunday services, Mens Ministries, Womens Ministries, Teen meetings, Youth services, Special events, or schedule a few days of Revival services as an outreach and to build the Body of Christ for ministry... let us know how we can help today!
Our family worship team includes keyboards, guitars, bass, drums and several vocalists, and can provide a full range of musical styles including Worship and Praise, Traditional Hymns, Contemporary Christian and Christian Rock... we can share whatever your church enjoys! From Sunday morning praise to concerts for the teens, our desire is to Glorify the Name of Jesus and preach the Word through our music, sharing in the Grace and Power of God to build and empower the church. Email us for more information or to schedule a service!
Our desire is to be useful for building the church, and never have any financial requirements for our ministry, we are willing to come for simply an offering if needed, we want to help advance the kingdom of God any way we can.
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